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Audio Array AI-09 Professional Dual Channel Balanced Stereo +48V Phantom Power Supply Active DI Box | 9V Battery and 5V DC Power | -15dB pad & HPF | Multi Instrument Input for Live & Studio Sound J22

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  • 🔊 [ACTIVE DIRECT BOX]: – A high-quality direct box powered by 48-volt phantom power. It features a range of functions including a -15dB pad, 180-degree polarity reverse, 80Hz high-pass rumble filter, and ground lift capabilities.
  • 🔊 [SUPERIOR AUDIO PERFORMANCE]: – Capable of handling peak transients up to 9 volts without distortion, resulting in lower harmonic and intermodulation distortion. This direct box ensures improved dynamics and reduced distortion compared to other similar devices.
  • 🔊 [TOUGH, ROAD-READY CONSTRUCTION]: – Built to endure rough handling on the road, featuring a unique welded I-beam construction. This sturdy design ensures durability and reliability even in challenging environments.
  • 🔊 [ENHANCED SIGNAL CONTROL]: – The direct box offers minimal power draw with high rail voltage and a unique merge function, enabling signal mixing. It also features an 80Hz high-pass rumble filter to reduce low-frequency interference and a ground lift to solve ground loop problems.
  • 🔊 [RELIABLE, HIGH-PERFORMANCE DI]: – A high-quality direct box that is resilient and designed to offer superior sound performance, making it an ideal choice for professional audio applications in various settings.

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